Jessica Downey

Jessica Downey

Staff Writer

As a seasoned writer for PetsRadar with a year of dedicated service, Jessica brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for all things pets. Her journey into the world of pet writing began after a year of writing for our sister site, Fit&Well, where she shared my love for all things health and wellbeing. However, after spotting too many adorbale dogs on her runs and growing up with a chaotic rescue lurcher she made the move to PetsRadar to write about her love for all things furry.

With a degree in journalism from Cardiff University, she has earned by-lines in esteemed publications like LiveScience, Runner's World, The Evening Express, and Tom's Guide. These experiences have allowed her to build strong connections with experts in the field, including behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians. It's these connections that enable her to provide our readers with the latest, most insightful, and accurate information on pet care, behavior, and well-being.

Through her writing, she aims to empower pet owners to make informed decisions that enrich the lives of their furry companions.

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